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Misra Leadership Consulting fundamentally believes that the intrinsic attributes of leadership lie in each of

every one of us. Secondly, the journey of becoming and being an outstanding leadership

comprises 3 parts and we call it the ARC of leadership- Authenticity, Resiliency and Curiosity.

Authenticity is essentially about who we are fundamentally as human beings, as professionals

and people and that should be pretty easy right. Unfortunately its not, because we live as social

beings and more often than not we live by the yardsticks that the society imposes on us. This

creates, what we call the insecurity gap- the gap between where are and where others want us to

be. We spend our lives trying to bridge this gap and in vain, simply because the goal post

shifting, when we achieve something, the societal pressures want us to achieve something else.

Resilience is the ability of an individual to rise up when the chips are down- resilience is the

ability to lead others when they are down. Resilience comes to the fore when there is a crisis. We

face challenges everyday- micro challenges of delivering against deadlines, macro challenges

like the COVID 19. How do we not let all of this get to us. Resilience is about walking with

purpose by “calming the voice in the head.’ Resilience is an incredibly important leadership

activity because it has the ability to motivate people, it has the ability to make people rise up, it

has the ability to make people think better about themselves.

Clarity: Clarity is about having a vision- a very purposeful vision towards which we execute

with focus. We are able to focus because we genuinely believe it is the right thing to do. It is

really about seeing the bullseye and then executing with single minded devotion, with single

minded focus. This should come pretty naturally to us but then there is the other C, Clutter.

Clutter is the voice in the head, the constant chatter in our head that makes us second guess

ourselves in terms of what we are doing and where we are going. Clutter is noise- do this, do

that, achieve this, accumulate that- it makes us always want more and makes us unhappy. Clutter

creates insecurity, creates an unhealthy environment. As leaders, it makes us ineffective at best

and procrastinators at worst.

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More About Us

Mohit has had over 20 years of experience in various roles in human capital in North America,

Asia and Europe. He is currently specializes in the areas of leadership, learning and organization

capability. He also is a Senior Advisor with McKinsey & Company, where he advises CEOs and

CHROs on issues around people and culture. He is a sought after speaker around issues around

leadership, talent and stress in the workplace.

Mohit’s most recent roles have been in:

§ Chemours as Chief Talent Officer where he was responsible for Leadership

Development, Succession Planning, Learning and Development, Diversity & Inclusion

and help craft the operating culture for all 7,000 employees.

§ Novartis where he was Global Head of Talent Management and OD for the Oncology

division, a 12bn dollar operation with 9,000 employees around the world

§ Bank of America where he was Senior Vice President and overseeing Learning and

Development for all Global Technology and Operations covering ~ 75,000 around the


§ Towers Perrin, where he a Senior Consultant in Strategy and Organization practice

based in Singapore.

Mohit started his career as a teacher at the prestigious Doon School in Dehradun India.

From an education perspective, Mohit has an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management and

Masters in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University.

Mohit’s forthcoming book titled The Authentic Leader: Three Truths and a Lie to lead in an ever

changing world is slated to be published in 2022. He also has a successful podcast titled

Leadership Under 3 Minutes.

When Mohit is not following his passion of cricket, he is either reading or spending time with

his family, his lovely wife, Rica and their three beautiful children Sanjay, 15, Sachin, 12 and

Shyla 11.

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"Mohit Misra is one of the talent management and OD executives in the field today."

Eric Pardell, Novartis

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